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Hands Up, Baby Hands up...

Hand signals on a group ride. Sometimes we will see someone tapping their helmet or pointing to the road with their right foot. What do these signals mean and are there others we should know?

When I googled motorbike hand signals I got a full education into all the signals that can be used. I didn't realise there were so many! But, we don't use, or need to use, a lot of them. On A RAC group ride, here are the most common signals used:

If you see a rider tapping the top of his helmet it means there is either a police car or a speed camera ahead. In a group, if you see a rider in front of you tap their helmet, do the same even if you don't see the car. This will let riders behind you know to slow down (they may have sped up to regroup the pack).


In a group, sometimes you don't see the road hazard until you are on top of it, so as a courtesy, riders in front will either point with their left hand or right foot, depending on where the hazard is. this makes it easier to avoid safely.


Kind of obvious, ne explanation needed.


These are the 3 most commonly used signals, and we don't want to be waving our hands all over the place signaling 'Look, its a plane, a bird, no... just some idiot waving his hands about', but have a look at these others. Which signals would you use on a ride?

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