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Making a Difference

Who is RAC?

We are a group of motorbike riders who like to hit the road and ride as a group. We ride weekly when we can, and head to destinations where we can support small businesses. The range of bikes, riders and experience is diverse, which leads to some interesting conversations and many new friendships.

In 2021 we started in the Manawatu, with riders coming from all over the region. There are no exclusions, everyone is welcome to ride. 

And now we have branches in Canterbury and Southland. 

But there is more to it than that.


We also ride to make a difference

We ride to raise funds for cancer related causes. With donations, monthly raffles, merchandise and events, every dollar goes to helping someone with cancer. 



Because everyone has a cancer story. Be it themselves or someone close to them, cancer affects those around us. Although the cancer story is different for everyone, it is never easy. Riders Against Cancer are there to help make these stories just a little easier where we can.


A bit of history

A keen rider, Danny Harrison saw a way to give back to the community around him by combining his love of riding and fundraising for cancer related causes, and so Riders Against Cancer was established in December 2021.

The first official RAC ride was on Boxing Day, 2021. At this time Danny was just forming the idea in his mind of how RAC would work, and the type of people he would need to gather to make this a reality. The Original 6 came together.

Fast forward to 22 April 2022, when the first RAC committee meeting was held. This meeting formed the groundwork for what is now Riders Against Cancer Incorporated. A registered charity as of September 2022, and with 82 paid RAC members in our first year. 


In our first year we donated more than $13,000 to cancer related causes. 


Weekly rides are organised, both local and further afield, with stops at cafes and taverns to support local businesses. Rides are well organised, with a Road Captain, Ride Medic and Tail End Charlie on each ride. We endeavour to buddy newer riders with the more experienced until they get the feel of riding with a group. The range of riders and bikes is as diverse as the personalities that are coming together to socialise and help raise funds for cancer related causes. 


Looking forward we have more fundraisers planned, along with some 'members only' events. Although the number of paid members has far exceeded our expectations for the first year, we look forward to growing and adapting as new members join RAC.


Rome wasn't built by one man alone. Danny has gathered a team to help.

National Team Roles

About: Meet the Team
About: Meet the Team
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