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A change for the better.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

When Danny had the idea to create Riders Against Cancer, combining riding with a cause, I don't think he thought it would be so well received. The generosity of riders and businesses over these first 7 months has been heartwarming.

But once we started getting money in the bank at a steady rate, we all realised we needed a lot more structure behind this amazing group, to both protect the integrity of RAC, and the donations coming in.

So the planning began. Questions about structure and committees... the stuff that makes for a really boring blog, lol. To keep you all from tuning out, I will just skip to the results of those discussions.

RAC is about to launch a 3 Tier membership:

RAC Membership card

Tier 1: RAC Inc

Riders Against Cancer has successfully applied to become an Incorporated Society. This means we have rules in place to ensure the group is run sensibly, and one person can't go rogue. We have 15 Tier 1 members: 7 committee members and 8 voting members (this membership is full).

  • Official Riders Against Cancer Incorporated Society

  • Yearly membership fee of $50 - discounted to $30 for our first year.

  • All Committee members must have this membership

  • This committee is in charge of running the charity and monetary side of RAC

Tier 2: RAC Riders

This membership is open to anyone (rider or pillion) wanting to be a member of RAC.

  • Membership by donation to RAC Inc

  • $50 membership - discounted to $30 for our first year.

  • Bonuses with membership card include, but are not limited to:

    • Spot prizes from sponsors on rides

    • EOY function

    • Pre-registration for events with limited numbers

  • Tier 1 members automatically receive this membership

Tier 3: Guests

Riders that want to just join in on a ride. No membership fee or membership benefits.

What does this mean for the rides?

The rides will continue as normal, and if all you want to do is ride with a group, then nothing changes. Simple.

If you become a RAC Rider, you will receive all the benefits as above. You will have a membership card and we will be working behind the scenes to bring you more bonuses throughout the year. There are some great events on the horizon, including a Show N Shine, social events, and of course the big ride in February.

Membership is from 1st August - 31st July each year.

You can become a Tier 2 member by following this link. Your membership will be active once payment has been received:

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